In The News: Legality of Lake Evictions

IRIN, 18 August 2008: CAMBODIA: Questions over legality of evictions in name of development

“Cambodia’s 2001 land law clearly states that lakes are public property and cannot be sold.
Another 1996 law states that the natural resources of Cambodia should be “conserved, developed, managed, and used in a rational and sustainable manner,” said land activist Chak Sopheap.
To get around this, instead of directly selling the lake to developers, the Phnom Penh Municipality has leased it for 99 years to Shukaku Inc., said David Pred, co-founder of the non-governmental organisation (NGO) Bridges Across Borders. “The lease is illegal because the lake is state public property and cannot be leased for more than 15 years or damaged or destroyed,” he told IRIN. “By filling in the lake, it will be destroyed.” ”

(below: life at Boeung Kak)
Boeung Kak

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