In The News: Life On The Lake

Untitled-1 The Cambodia Daily, September 13-14, Page 10-11, 13. By James Welsh.
“Details, such as when lakeside residents will have to pack their bags or how established businesses won’t be affected by the development have not been provided by the municipality, despite repeated requests by reporters.” … “In December, shortly after the construction of a pipeline that would pump sand from the Tonle Sap river into the lake had been completed, Environment Minister Mok Mareth stood before the National Assembly and stated that it would be illegal to begin filling in Boeung Kak until his ministry had approved an environmental impact assessment. Critics of the development argeued that the EIA should have been approved before any lease was signed. It is difficult to tell whether Mok Mareth’s warning had any effect as the Municipality has recently claimed, but on Aug 26, Shukaku began pumping a sand-and-water-mixture into Boeung Kak Lake.”

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