In The News: “The New City Of The East”

From Ka-Set, September 18, 2008: Boeung Kak : les jours du plus grand lac de Phnom Penh sont comptés – Zineb Dryef and Chan Soratha
Boeung Kak: the days of the larger lake of Phnom Penh are numbered
(translated by ‘babelfish’)
“700 families according to the town hall, 4.225 families according to Office of the High Commission of the United Nations to human rights (HCDH). Maybe nearly 20.000 people. The tenants, many, are not taken into account by the municipality what partly explains the gap between the figures of the ones and others. The Amnesty International organization, on its side, denounces what could be “the greatest forced expulsion of the post-war period in Kampuchea”. “
“The minister of environment himself, Mok Mareth, had protested in the columns of the Kampuchean press by informing risks for the system of drainage of the capital. Since, its ministry is keep silent and discharged from any responsibility while returning any question towards the municipality.”
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