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Ka-Set, Monday September 29 2008: Messenger Band : Sept ouvrières tissent en chantant le fil de leur quotidien au Cambodge (Messenger Band: seven workers weave by singing the wire of their daily life in Cambodia) by Zineb Dryef and Ros Din

(translation to English by Babelfish)

“A song dedicated to the inhabitants of Boeung Kak:
The group recently recorded a title with Kong Nay, the “Ray Charles” of Cambodia, one of the players of chapei – traditional lute – most famous of the country. “Land and Life” is diffused on YouTube. The clip already recorded a few thousands of visits. This song highlights the group is dedicated to the inhabitants of the lake Boeung Kak, threatened for expropriation. The images of violent expulsions of those of those in rural Cambodia:

“Us, the Cambodians of the cities and the campaigns, have a recognized, pleasant, luminous ancestral cultural heritage. Water, forests, land where in harmony the people and their animals live. But all changed, our villagers have problems. For dollars, we lose our houses and our land”

[Over 2000 viewers so far.]

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