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In the News: Protester arrested.

Arrests bring intimidation to Boeung Kak residents. The Phnom Penh Post  (17 October 2008) reports that a community member was arrested this week by police in Boeung Kak: “Nget Srey Leap, who rents a property in Village 4 and witnessed the … Continue reading

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In the News: Angry Boeung Kak residents say water supplies have been cut

In the Phnom Penh Post Thursday, 09 October 2008 “Residents living under threat of eviction say their lives got even more difficult when their supply of running water was turned off last month”

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In the News: Eviction threatened villagers cite intimidation

In the Cambodia Daily October 10th Page 35 “Eviction threatened villagers cite intimidation“

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Community representatives from across Cambodia gather in Phnom Penh to demand an end to land concessions, threats, intimidation and use of violence by companies and powerful people.

“Not only is our land being given away, we are facing increasing intimidation and violence. The problem is getting worse. We have no choice but to gather together and have a combined voice”.  Community representatives from across Cambodia, Mr Som … Continue reading

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In The News: Who Owns the Lake

Phnom Penh Post Friday, 03 October 2008 “As creeping waters start to force the first Boeung Kak residents from their lakeside properties, housing rights advocates maintain the planned development of a large-scale commercial and housing project in the area is … Continue reading

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