In the News: Protester arrested.

Phnom Penh Post)

Resident Pears Out From House (Source: Phnom Penh Post)

Arrests bring intimidation to Boeung Kak residents.

The Phnom Penh Post  (17 October 2008) reports that a community member was arrested this week by police in Boeung Kak:

“Nget Srey Leap, who rents a property in Village 4 and witnessed the arrest, said that the man was detained at around 10:30am. “He was escorted by a few policemen into a police car,” she said. “Our renters are mostly illiterate so we asked him, rather than the Boeung Kak residents, to help write down the names of protesters.”

She added that renters in her village planned to protest at the local commune office and the office of Boeung Kak project developer Shukaku Inc  Wednesday afternoon to ask for better compensation for villagers who have been renting houses in the Boeung Kak area since the 1980s. “But now we are afraid of protesting,” she said. 


— From the Post’s Article (Click Here to Read It)

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