Compensation Reduced to US$1000

Sep. 15, 2010. At least 9 households living on the lake in Village 24 in Boeung Kok report they have been told by Shukaku Inc. company representatives they are only entitled to US$1000 in compensation. Claiming houses are “not individual”, Shukaku Inc. is trying to pay those affected by the illegal development significantly less than the already offered inadequate compensation of US$8000 and 2 million riel.

There seems to be no basis for the company’s claims. The affected houses in Village 24, which are mostly wooden structures with tin roofs, are clearly separate homes, with separate entrances and house numbers. Some are even totally detached from other structures. Several residents also have documentation identifying each household as separate, and families in adjacent houses are not related.

Although the sum of US$1000 has only been “offered” to less than a dozen households at the far end of the community, residents with homes closer to land also state they have been told they may only receive half of the full compensation because they “share a roof” with a neighbour. Again, homes are distinct with separate entrances and house numbers.

Several residents on the lake in Village 24 have already been forced to leave as a result of ongoing flooding. Their former plots now stand empty, while houses are being dismantled almost every day. What used to be a vibrant, built-up community, now has gaping holes and houses sinking into the increasingly filthy water.

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