Residents protest against continued pumping in Village 1

Sep. 30, 2010. Pumping had continued through the night, and in the morning residents of the Boeung Kak area gathered at the sand pipe at the edge of Village 1. Burning tires in protest and climbing on the the pipes, the protesters demanded an immediate halt to the surge of water and sand into their homes.

What they got was a police blockade. As their demands were unmet, the 100 or so mainly women and children decided to walk to Hun Sen’s house in protest. Walking along the only access road to the community, the were stopped by police, who pushed the protesters and pinned some women to a wall. The situation was tense but later diffused when district governor Sok Sambath came to meet the community members. During the altercation, the pumping had been stopped, presumably temporarily.

The use of force by police against residents follows Sep. 27 events when community leaders were surrounded by armed Shukaku Inc. guards who tried, and eventually with help from local police, succeeded in stopping community leaders from spreading information in their communities.

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