Flooding Reaches New Highs

Oct. 12, 2010. BKL community residents gathered at City Hall today to ask the municipality to address the increasingly high levels of flooding in the community.

Calling on Phnom Penh Governor Kep Chuktema to hear and address their complaints, the residents were met by deaf ears. Eventually, as is becoming a standard response to BKL residents demanding their rights, riot police herded them away from from City Hall’s northwestern gate.

Flooding levels in the areas surrounding BKL are at levels similar to those experienced in late August, when many residents were forced to abandon their homes. Most access roads are flooded, with water levels rising to knee-height after only a few steps into the filth. The water is murky, with rubbish floating about freely. Residents have no option but to walk through the water to reach their homes.

It also appears the sluiceway, now fenced in, is not draining the water out of the area. Even so, water levels in the Oveng canal are several metres higher than only a month ago – homes in Russei Keo north of Boeung Kak are now also flooded.

Homes in Village 2 on the western side of the railway tracks bordering what used to be the lake, are suffering a similar fate. Though a makeshift canal has been dug in the sand to drain rainwater into Village 1, water is pouring into the low-lying homes of Village 2 as the lake is no longer there to collect the rain water.

The rain continues.

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