18 families under immediate threat

Oct. 22, 2010. 18 families living along a street in Villages 22 and 23, Sangkat Boeung Kak 2, Khan Toul Kork, are under immediate threat of eviction as the deadline of an eviction passed Thursday. On Friday, the families and their supporters gathered at City Hall to protest the road expansion which is set to displace them. The authorities have offered only around US$236 (1 million riels) and a 5x12m plot in Dangkor district in compensation, well below the market place as required by the expropriation law, which lawyers say should be applied in the case.

One of the protesters is front of City Hall showed pictures of the proposed site in Dangkor, a swampy area over grown with lotus. She said she would not be able to live there, and noted that even those directly affected by the Shukaku development on the lake were being offered significantly more than she and her neighbours are. She added that a house on her street had in the near past been offered a purchasing price of US$80,000.

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