Flooding Continues

Nov. 3, 2010. Boeung Kak residents met at the sand pipe which continues spewing sludge into Village 1 to protest against the ongoing violation of their rights and to call for a halt to the pumping.

In what has become a standard response, police soon arrived at the scene. More unusually, a nephew of Yay Phou also made an appearance on behalf of Shukaku Inc. In discussions with the residents he however stated he was unable to bring the pumping to a halt and that they would have to take their complaint to the chief of the company.

In other news, residents report Shukaku has now moved its office to a more central location in the community, where it continues to pressure residents to accept compensation. Residents say they have been threatened with receiving no compensation whatsoever if they do not agree to Shukaku’s current offers.

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