No End to Protests

Jan. 17, 2011. Since their week-long demonstration at Freedom Park, Boeung Kak residents have continued making their voices heard. Today, residents gathered at the Chinese Embassy to deliver a petition to the ambassador over Chinese involvement in the Shukaku development. The Chinese however refused to receive the petition, calling instead riot police to disperse the peaceful crowd.

Residents are not the only ones met by police and harsh measures. Over the weekend, Phnom Penh Post photographer Sovan Philong had his camera confiscated and all photos deleted, in a flagrant violation of the freedom of press. In response, the Post has called for an independent inquiry into the incident, as well as vowed to continue reporting on Boeung Kak. You can read the Post’s first page editorial here.

The Post has remained true to its word. You can read their coverage of the demolition of 30 homes in Village 24, which left residents homeless, here.

Last week, the newspaper also reported the municipality has downgraded plans to build a flyover in the area to build a standard road. You can read the article here.

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