The Chinese Reply

Jan. 24, 2010. The Chinese Embassy has given a interview regarding the situation at Boeung Kak to Chongqing Evening News. You can read it in Chinese here.

The below is an unofficial translation of the article:

A Response from the Chinese Embassy: The Chinese Company will only be Involved in Development * Local People have Incited Problems under Western Influence

Jin Yuan of the Commercial Section of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia accepted an interview from reporters on the 18th to discuss this matter. During the interview, Jin noted that the Chinese company will only be involved in development and construction of the project, and will not play a role in clearing the construction site or in resettlement issues. At present the project has yet to enter the development phase, but there have been many reports that have mistakenly associated the Chinese company with resettlement issues.

Jin Yuan noted that the government of Phnom Penh is very supportive of the Lake development project and that it has established an organization similar to the “Resettlement Working Groups” that are set up in China to facilitate such matters. Residents of the Lake area have already been requested to negotiate directly with the government on issues related to resettlement, and no companies are involved in this process at this point. Resettlement itself is rather complicated, and some upset residents are too aggressive in seeking resettlement. They think that the development company should be responsible to them for resettlement issues. At the same time, it is not out of the question that Western influence is behind the recent uproar. He told reporters that two years ago Chinese development companies ran into similar issues in Laos, where there Western media had created rumours that China planned to moved 50,000 Chinese people to Laos in conjunction with a real estate development.

The Phnom Penh Post covered the story today. You can read it here.

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