Erdos does good?

Feb. 2, 2011. The below article features Erdos, the Chinese company involved in Boeung Kak, on a list of 2010 Best Public Charitable Entrepreneurs. Below is the translation. You can see the article here.

” Wang Linxiang led Erdos Group in the course of twenty years of development, always adhere to the common progress of society and actively participate in public welfare, in order to repay the local, to promote regional economic development has made tremendous contributions. Over the years, Erdos Group, for the public welfare donations totaling more than 200 million yuan, the major public projects are: Enge Bei Sand spent 18.87 million yuan to support greening projects; invest 300 million species of goat research supports Inner Mongolia University; invested 50 million yuan to support the Ordos City pasture captive works; invested 40 million yuan to support the benefit of agricultural and pastoral area Republic of China cashmere processing projects; invested 60 million yuan to support farmers and herdsmen in scientific breeding cashmere goats. In addition, the Group has a variety of disaster relief operations also played a huge role, including:

  In 2006 environmental projects for youth associations and student volunteers donate 540,000 yuan; in 2007 as assistant CYDF donate 100 million; in 2008 to 300 million Hangjinqi relief donations for Sichuan, Gansu and other quake-hit region more than 13 million yuan donated money and materials; Yushu in 2010 10 million yuan donation earthquake affected areas;

  Farmers and herdsmen to help solve the difficult problem of their children to school for the children to provide a superior learning environment, in 2001, the company adopted the “reconstruction Erdos Group on the motion to the schools”, decided in 2001 to 5 per year , each the size and speed of 20 million in domestic production and distribution center for reconstruction area Erdos Cashmere Group wished to school. As of the end of 2008, has donated 8.5 million yuan to build Hope Schools 41.

  Erdos Group donated to the schools that are aided Erdos Group, animal husbandry, trade and industry, an important measure of integration strategy, Bachu County, Kashi Prefecture in Xinjiang after the earthquake, Erdos Group donated 30 million reconstruction of schools, sent to disaster areas Ordos warmth. Most students enter for the pastoral Qixian school, parents need to rent read along with the practical difficulties, the Group Sonid Right Banner, Urad Middle Banner in Ordos and other Qixian built student apartments and student cafeteria, in the hope that donor aided schools process, group executive director, general manager of raw materials, royalties Zhangquan Xiang took out from his more than 30 million reconstruction of the Wu Liang Su too Hope Primary School, take practical action to return to his alma mater to the teachings of grace. Meanwhile, 10 million individuals in Dongsheng District donated one set up a “Wang Linxiang Scholarship Fund”, designed to reward outstanding students with good academic performance.

  Erdos Group, led by the local enterprises also have to participate in many social return on donor activities in the development of public welfare in Inner Mongolia have made a positive contribution. Meanwhile, the Group’s public actions by the praise from all sectors of society, in 2003, Erdos Group, the Communist Youth League Central Youth Volunteers Association has been awarded the “common good, in 2003, the group was named outstanding grass-roots party organizations, and Communist Youth League Central Youth Volunteers Association has been awarded the “common good, to support volunteer service” medal; 2006, China issued by the public, “Corporate Citizenship Award.” Comrade Wang Linxiang annual economic figures in Inner Mongolia, selection of the “Charity People” awards. Ministry of Civil Affairs in 2010 was named “China Charity Award funded enterprises the most love.”

  In the “Ordos warm the whole world” under the initiative of this business philosophy, the Group will continue to support charitable activities, and actively with the love back to society, economy and the Inner Mongolia region to promote the development of public welfare and contribute more power!

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