Asia Action for Boeung Kak

Boeung Kak residents outside the MPP

FRSN at the Cambodian Embassy in Bangkok

Bangladesh solidarity action in Dhaka

Mar. 24, 2011. A demonstration at the Municipality of Phnom Penh on Monday Mar. 21 by some 250 Boeung Kak residents marked the start of a week of demonstrations around Asia on behalf of the embattled lakeside residents. The community action was followed in Thailand by members of the Four Regions Slum Network (FRSN) that held solidarity demonstrations at both the Cambodian and Chinese embassies in Bangkok in support of the people of Boeung Kak Lake. FRSN attempted to meet with representatives of both embassies in order to submit solidarity letters echoing the demands of the people of Boeung Kak Lake for land sharing and an end to the evictions, but in spite of some dialog over the phone with embassy officials, both embassies ultimately refused to send a representative outside to receive the letters that FRSN wanted to submit.

At the Cambodian embassy, FRSN ended up wrapping up its letter in a banner reading “Listen to the people! Open negotiations on land sharing on Boeung Kak Lake!” and placing it on the ground in front of the embassy. At the Chinese embassy, FRSN tied one of its banners reading “Chinese investment in Cambodia must not harm human rights!” to the metal barrier in front of the embassy and stapled its letter to this banner. Afterward, FRSN faxed the different letters to Kep Chuktema’s office and the Chinese Embassy in Bangkok, respectively.

On Mar. 24, some 55 members of Bangladesh-based organisation Shelter for the Poor, went to the Chinese embassy in Dhaka to try to hold a demonstration and submit a solidarity letter supporting the people of Boeung Kak Lake by demanding that the Chinese government persuade Erdos Hongjun to suspend investment in Boeung Kak until an agreement is reached with the people on their alternative land sharing plan.

Shelter for the Poor reports that the police did not allow them to hold a demonstration, because the Chinese embassy is located in a high security area where there are many foreign embassies and the Bangladesh authorities do not permit demonstrations in this area. However, they were allowed to submit their letter to the front desk at the Chinese embassy, which stamped their letter as being received.

After leaving the Chinese embassy, the group led by Shelter for the Poor went to Baridhara Lakeside and formed a human chain holding a banner pertaining to Erdos Hongjun’s investment and evictions on Boeung Kak Lake.

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