Boeung Kak activist detained, freed by OHCHR

Detained BKL activist returns escorted by OHCHR

Mar. 25, 2011. A female Boeung Kak community activist was detained and taken away by the police at the start of a BKL residents’ demonstration at the Municipality of Phnom Penh early this morning. It is rumoured the cause of the arrest was her behaviour during a previous demonstration, during which she reportedly brandished a bottle of blood, threatening to throw it at policemen present at the community action.

Staff from UN-OHCHR later secured the activist’s release and she returned to a relieved crowd at the scene of the demonstration. Following her return, there were reports circulating among the crowd of the detained activist being beaten while in custody.

At around 9.30am, the demonstrators left the MPP and marched to the Boeung Kak area.

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