Solidarity action in Manila

Mar. 25, 2011. LOCOA-Philippines has staged a mass action in Manila at the open space in front of Country Space Building 1, the building that houses the Cambodian Embassy (7th Floor).

Moving in a circular formation holding placards the demonstrators called for a stop to eviction, making way for land sharing and people’s participation. People going to the bank and the embassy, including the passers-by and the commuters on the busy street could hear the call “Urban Poor of Asia, UNITE…STOP EVICTION IN CAMBODIA STOP! STOP! STOP!”

The Ambassador was reportedly out, but a personnel and a security guard received LOCOA’s letter to the Ambassador and the Governor of Phnom Penh. The letter was also sent to the Governor and the Ambassador by email and by fax on March 21.

The group also released 3 small birds to wish the Cambodians good luck in their negotiations with their government.

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