MPP issues media statement on 15ha

Apr. 1, 2011. Following a meeting with BKL representatives at the Municipality on Mar. 30, the MPP has issued the below media statement, saying it cannot grant residents 15ha for onsite development. The Phnom Penh Post also covered the story, you can read it here.

News Release: 15 hectares of Land in Beoung Kak Development Area
Kingdom of Cambodia
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Phnom Penh Capital Hall
News Release

On 30th March 2011 at Phnom Penh Capital Hall, H.E KEP Chuk Tema, Governor of Phnom Penh Capital City convened a meeting to discuss on the request by a group of remaining Boeung Kak lake residents to develop 15 hectares of land in Boeung Kak by themselves.

The meeting was attended by Phnom Penh Vice-Governors, Director and Deputy-Directors of Administration, Governor and Deputy-Governors of Khan Doun Penh, relevant officials and representatives of those in Beoung Kan in 7 Villages.

After nearly a two-hour discussion, with mutual understanding between representatives of the lake residents and Phnom Penh Capital Hall, the following results have been achieved:
1. Phnom Penh Capital Hall is not in position to grant the request of 15 hectares of land for on-site development.
2. Phnom Penh Capital Hall is standing by the decision of the Council of Ministers No.1200, dated 15th September 2008;
3. 7 representatives of the lake residents promised to discuss the 3rd option (on-site development) with the remaining Beoung Kak lake residents. If they agree to take this option, they will come back to further discuss with Phnom Penh Capital Hall.
4. H.E Governor of Phnom Penh will have a meeting with all remaining Boeung Kak lake residents to find a solution.

Phnom Penh, 31st March 2011
Phnom Penh Capital Hall

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