Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denies that Chinese Company is involved in Violent Evictions in Cambodia

Last week, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made an official response in regards to the Boeung Kak case to Chinese media. The interview can be seen here but was helpfully translated for us, so here’s the response in English.

“Recently the Western media has claimed that “the Cambodian people have protested against eviction by a Chinese company.” According to media reports, a Cambodian and a Chinese company are developing a real estate project in Phnom Penh, and have forced local people out of their homes, violating their human rights. Many local people have placed the responsibility for this on the Chinese company, and have threatened to boycott Chinese goods if no measures are taken to correct the actions.  Yesterday, the speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hong Lei responded to questions raised by reporters regarding this issue by rebuking the reports in the Western media. He noted: “We noticed the reports in the Western media, and what we would like to point out is that is according to our understanding the Chinese company will only be involved in the planning and construction of the project. Before the resettlement has been completed, the Chinese company will not get involved in the project. The Chinese company has no involvement in the evictions, and accordingly has not violated any human rights. There is no evidence to support the claims of the Western media.”

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