World Bank stops short of punishment on BKL, waits negotations

The World Bank issued the below press release on May 16, 2011:

Statement from the World Bank on Cambodia Land Management and Administration Project

PHNOM PENH, Monday, May 16, 2011 – We have reported to the Board of Executive Directors that the Royal Government of Cambodia, the Municipality of Phnom Penh and the residents of Boeung Kak Lake have informed us they are currently negotiating to try and reach an agreement to provide an on-site housing option for the remaining residents.

Representatives of the Boeung Kak Lake residents have confirmed that initial discussions with the Municipality of Phnom Penh have been held and they are hopeful that a formal agreement can be reached, although as of today, this has not yet been achieved.

We are encouraging the parties to reach a resolution and in the interim will be closely monitoring the progress of negotiations.

In addition, the Royal Government of Cambodia has told the World Bank it is taking a number of steps to improve resettlement processes more generally in Cambodia.

The Washington Post covered the story “World Bank keeps pushing Cambodia over land evictions but stops short of punishment”. You can read it here.

The Phnom Penh Post also covered the story “World Bank eyes Boeugn Kak Lake fight”. You can read it here.

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