BKL Residents Amass Petition for On-Site Housing

Residents facing the threat of eviction in BKL development have collected 1,500 thumbprints on a petition supporting their plans for on-site housing there. The residents are pushing for their own plan and rejecting a counter-offer from the city, along with a buyout from developer Shukaku, Inc., they say is below market value. The petition drives comes as the UN’s special human rights envoy for Cambodia, Surya Subedi, arrives in Phnom Penh for an assessment of the country’s rights environment, including the pressing issue of forced evictions. The plan calls for a minimum 4-meter-by-16-meter house for each family, at ground level, depending on the size of the home a family now house in the proposed 133-hectare development site. It is a rejection of an earlier city plan for housing at another site.
You can read the rest of the article from VOA, here.

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