Statement: The Meeting between Complainers and Phnom Penh Officials

Phnom Penh Capital Hall, March. 14 2012

On 14th March 2012, there were about 50 people brought along with

some requests to Phnom Penh Capital Hall. In order to maintain public order and security, Phnom Penh Capital Hall invited 21 representatives for discussion with Director of Administration Mr. LY Saveth.

After more than an hour of mutual understanding and friendly discussion, both parties have agreed as followings:

1. Installing a sewage system to avoid inundation at Boeun Kak area: Phnom Penh Capital Hall has already approved this request through a letter No. 245, dated 07, March 2012 to Boeung Kak residents by which Mrs. LY Mom represented and also assigned Department of Public Works and Transportation to carry out the study and start the work immediately in phases;
2. Set up land demarcation poles on 12.44 hectares of land area permitted by the Government: Phnom Penh Capital Hall will do this job after the issuance of land titles and related complaints are completely solved;
3. Issue land titles for 58 families in the development land: This request goes beyond the competency of Phnom Penh Capital Hall, but they could give the authority other options to discuss. Additionally, those who are living along the railroad have been under the settlement of an inter-ministerial committee for railroad construction;
4. Withdraw complaints of 4 people who are under supervision by courts: Phnom Penh Capital Hall could not grand this request because it is under the judicial competency.

The Capital Hall appreciated Boeung Kak residents and the public.

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