Technical Team Showed Lake’s New Sewage System

Phnom Penh Capital Hall, March. 15 2012

After agreed to a request by the lake resident to construct a sewage system in order to transfer waste water out of the area, on the morning of 15th of March 2012, H.E Kep Chuktema summoned a technical group which led by Mrs Touch Sarom vice governor of Phnom Penh teamed up with Mr. Sam Piseth director of department to public work and transport.

The discussion was to examine the study of a project building a new sewage line in Boeung Kak Area which completed by the department of public work recently. The new system would connect from Commune #6 from the Water Authority of Phnom Penh to a system along road #70, and continue to a drainage of Northern part canal system with a total length of 1,650 meters. The construction would commence into two stages, the first stage would take about 2 months to complete in time combat the coming raining season with the cost more than 100,000.00USD while the second stage would have to wait until the raining season ends since there would not be enough time. However, experts suggested that 2 temporary pumping stations must be installed along the system so that serious damage could not take place if there was severe flood occurred.

After understanding all the technical solution presented by the team, H.E Governor had approved the project as he believed that this is a very good strategical and long term resolution for the people who are currently living in the area starting from Water Authority until behind the French Embassy. Therefore, the governor instructed the team to produce required documents including the budget plan to start the project as soon as possible. Finally, this project would be presented to the concerned residents by the local authority before it began the construction. It should be reminded that recently, there was a meeting between a group of lake residents and capital hall officials regarding this sewage system project as well.

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