Hun Sen: activist imprisonment not over land dispute

CEN, Mar. 19 2013

Give our kids a better deal
Land activist Youm Bopha

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) — Hun Sen said the imprisonment of the “Boeung Kok woman” wasn’t a land dispute issue, it was of violence instead.

Speaking at inauguration ceremony for Green Development Council at Peace Palace, he said the case of land activist, Youm Bopha, had nothing to due with land activism, she was acting violently and unjustly in the eyes of the government. For some unknown reason they transferred the case to land disputes.

Young Bopha, land activist from the property development site at Boeung Kok, had been sentenced in December, 2012, to three years imprisonment for attempting violence on two motorcycle taxi drivers.

National and international civil society organizations disputes the verdict by the Municipal Court in Phnom Penh, stating that the court sentenced Youm Bopha because she was an active land activist in Boeung Kok.

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