Jailed Boeung Kok Activists Recovering

Sunday, 05 April 2015; News by Khmer Times/Muny Sithyna

PHNOM PENH (Khmer Times) – Three jailed Boeung Kak activists are recovering after banging their heads against a wall to protest against prison guards they claim are mistreating them.
The activists, Tep Vanny, Bo Chhorvy, and Kong Chantha, have recovered but remain light-headed at times, said Ou Kong Chea, husband of Ms. Vanny. The prison guards refused to let them out of their cells, prompting the women to begin hitting their heads against the cell walls.
Ms. Vanny lost four of her teeth and suffered a swollen head. Ms. Chantha was seriously cut in two spots on her head before she was transported to the Khmer-Russian Friendship Hospital for stitches. She was brought back to Prey Sar Prison.
“I visited them on Saturday. Chantha is still light-headed after receiving treatment at the hospital,” said Tep Vanny’s husband. “Vanny could not eat well, she and Chhorvy are still light-headed too.”
“The weather is hot, who could endure the heat? It could affect their life,” he added.

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