About the Save Boeung Kak Campaign

Boeung Kak EnvironsThe residents of Phnom Penh are becoming increasingly frustrated by the chaotic and largely unplanned construction in this ‘jewel’of an Asian city.

While welcoming sustainable and inspired development the latest and largest ‘development’ is the filling of Boeung Kok. The loss of this iconic open space is nothing short of tragic particularly in the light that the 133 hecatres of public property will be developed for private business gain (estimated at US$2 billion +).

The Lake may be lost but there is still time to support the thousands of families living around the lake who are negotiating for fair compensation (their case for possession is FAR stronger than the the Government’s Lease to Shukaku which is illegal on a number of counts).
With enough support the Government may be persuaded to retain 30, 40, 50 hectares as a public park for public use. With enough support from all the city’s residents, whether you are Khmer or foreign it may be possible to still change the future of Boeung Kak.
Put up a sticker, buy a T-shirt and show your support.
The Campaign was established by the Housing Rights Task Force, a coalition of NGOs working for housing rights in Phnom Penh. This blog is an independent effort to chronicle their efforts, and can be contacted via saveboeungkak@gmail.com
(Note: some transliterate the lake as ‘Boeung Kak’, others ‘Boeung Kok’. The contributors to this blog don’t particularly care what rule you follow for transliteration – we care about people following rule of law and their conscience.)

13 Responses to About the Save Boeung Kak Campaign

  1. Crickboom says:

    We have same problem in Belgium with the river “Vesdre” in the city of Verviers.
    A big shopping center on the river and in the center of the city.
    You can see that on :

    We’re with you !

    Vesdre-Avenir association

  2. giacomo says:

    were ou today at the presentation that turned in to protest?

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  5. John Vink says:

    Why can’t we leave comments under the posts?

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  10. olivelai says:

    Hello, I’m producing an animation which is partly related to the lake development, is it possible if you could provide me with some facts and figures? I.e. how many families are currently awaiting to be compensated, how many families in totals are evicted etc etc. Thank you very much in advance!

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