Shukaku Inc.?

Stand by for more details on this mysterious company that was granted title to lake property without open bidding.  Sub-decree granting rights to the lake:


From ‘People’s Daily Online’ April 08 2007

“Officials from the Yunnan Southeast-Asia Economy and Technology Investment Industrial and the Cambodia’s Shukaku Company signed the agreements in presence of Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Sok An and Governor of China’s Yunnan Province Qin Guangrong, who is leading a delegation to visit Cambodia from April 5 to 9.

Under the agreements, the two sides will cooperate to develop the Boeng Kak Lake area in Phnom Penh into a multi-purpose living and recreation center called the New City of East, and establish an eco-garden in Sihanoukville for tourism and other commercial uses.”


The Cambodia Daily, September 13-14, Page 10-11, 13. By James Welsh.
“According to the Boeng Kak lease agreement, Shukaku also shares an address with local development giant Pheapimex, which also has Senator Lao Meng Kim as its director. Pheapimex’s headquarters, a large villa on Street 51, in Phnom Penh, has long had a permanent detachment of armed military police outside the gate, who have insisted on all previous visits by reporters that nobody is inside.
According to a December 2005 report by UK-based NGO World Rainforest Movement, “Lao Meng Kim is married to the owner of Pheapimex, Chheung Sopheap who is better known as Yeay Phou [grandmother Phou].” One of the largest Cambodian firms, Pheapimex has had its share of controversial land deals with the government in the past.” … “”A November 2004 report by the UN Center for Human Rights identified Lao Meng Khin as also being the director of Wuzhishan LS Group.”


Web Search: Pheapimex
Web Search: Wuzhishan + Cambodia

3 Responses to Shukaku Inc.?

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  3. Peter Donkin says:

    What if a group of barangs went down there and chained themselves together? I think the police would not be so quick to use electric batons on foreign nationals.

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